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About us

Boggles hole Robinhoods bay
Boggles hole Robinhoods bay

The idea for this rescue service began in 2006 after I rescued a baby hatchling herring gull from the side of a road in Filey, North Yorkshire.

I spotted the baby bird while driving in my car, I just had to stop to see what I could do to help, I had no way of knowing what roof it came from or where the nest was. It was walking a long the pavement, so I decided to rescue the bird and just took it home with me.

I found out about a wildlife rescuer in Scarborough from a nabour, his name was Jim Ward, so I contacted him. I had rescued birds many times when I was very young and kept some of them as pets, so I didn't mind taking care of this bird myself. So I asked Jim for advice on how to raise the bird. I fed the bird on white bate and fish flavoured cat food as advised by Mr Jim Ward.

Then around 2 months later I got to go with Jim to release it back into the wild, he had 2 birds himself ready to release, so we released them at Boggles Hole in Robin Hoods Bay near to Whitby.

We got talking, and Jim mentioned that he was needing some volunteer help for the rescue and that he was getting ready for retiring after 20 years of rescuing wild animals in Scarborough.

So that's where it started from rescuing one bird, and meeting Mr Jim Ward, then later I setup a website, but just specialised in taking care of birds. The rescue, "Scarborough Wild Bird Rescue" was started in 2017.

The main focus has been to help the town's seabird population. This can be a full time job, especially during the breeding season of our seabirds.

Starting from the month of April and up to September each year we get calls about herring gulls falling off roofs and landing in gardens and dangerous situations near main roads.

Before you contact us, please read our help pages, The help rescue birds and Help herring gulls pages and see if you can follow the advice given, this would really help us out.

John Anderson

Scarborough, North Yorkshire.