Cage bird rescue - North Yorkshire!

Welcome to North Yorkshire Parrot Rescue!

NYPR is part of Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue a registered charity dedicated to the rescue, protection and welfare needs of surrendered or found parrots. Our priority is identifying potential foster homes and educating caregivers in proper parrot care.

Because all of the birds in the NYPRs fostering program have experienced the loss of one or more homes, we believe that every new home should represent the best possible match and opportunity for a successful relationship.

Our rehoming Process and Policies are based on the best practices learned from experience and research.

NYPR offer a free advice and rescue service for all types of Parrots, and other cage birds. We will care for any bird regardless of size, age, or medical condition.

We don't just rehome parrots, we offer to help any sick, injured, and abandoned birds. We are based in North Yorkshire and cover the North of England.

If you require bird rescue help & advice, or need to report cruelty, please use our Contact Form or the Helpline numbers below.

RBAR Helpline: 07960 144786 (Manchester)

For more information about our bird rescue organisation, please visit the websites below:

North Yorkshire Bird Rescue

Rainbow Bird & Animal Rescue

Ways you can help us,

You can donate any unwanted bird cages/parrot cages, indoor/outdoor aviary's, parrot toys, bird food etc. You can help us financially by giving a donation of any amount you to help us with our daily expenses. Please use the Donate Button on the left. Thank you.