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Vets and wild birds

Warning - Never leave wild birds with your local Vets, especially Pigeons or Herring Gulls - Some Veterinarians consider them as Vermin and will put them to sleep, even perfectly healthy baby chick's.

Always take the bird to a wildlife rescue/rehabilitator, to locate one near you, use Google or the following link:

In the UK, vets receive no specific training in the treatment of wildlife. Whilst there are inevitably many similarities between wild and domestic animals, there are also very many differences.

Calling a vet may be appropriate in some cases, such as ensuring that a catted bird or animal receives a prompt, life saving dose of antibiotics, but it must be considered, that vets will not have experience in or have facilities for the long term rehabilitation of wildlife.

There is a common myth that vets are obliged to treat wildlife for free. In fact they are obliged only to relieve suffering. This may lead to casualties being euthanased unnecessarily.

If you do contact a vet, you should make sure you have a wildlife rescue on standby, to take the casualty to after initial treatment, under no circumstances should you leave the bird with the vet.